Witnessed Cremations

Witnessed Cremations 2018-03-13T19:07:04+00:00

Witnessing a cremation simply means that you are present (either in our Care Center where the crematorium is located, or in our Reflection Room and watching through a window that looks into the Care Center) when we place your pet in the crematorium, close the crematorium door, and turn on the equipment.

Some pet parents choose to witness their pet’s cremation in order to feel 100% certain that their pet was indeed the only pet in the crematorium. Other pet parents witness their pet’s cremation out of a sense of obligation to stay by their pet’s side to the very end.

If you can’t be present, but still want to witness the cremation, then for a fee we will video tape the start of your pet’s cremation, beginning when your pet is placed in the empty crematorium through the point when you can hear both the primary and secondary burners turn on (which indicates that cremation has begun).