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Fairhaven Princess

  Elsa Back at the end of September, a client paid me an extremely high compliment. Arshia Fathali and his wife Heather (owners of Fairhaven Rug Gallery) selected Life Cycle Pet Cremation for the honor of providing after-care for their Doberman Pinscher, Elsa.  Anyone who has ever been to the Rug Gallery has inevitably met Elsa. They may have even had the pleasure of seeing her regally decked out in the tribal necklace that she loved to wear, and that suited her naturally regal appearance so perfectly. After bringing Elsa to our facility and then spending time with [...]

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Unique Ways to Scatter Your Pet’s Cremated Remains

Scattering cremated remains is a practice as old as cremation itself, and something that about one-third of pet parents opt to do in memory of their pet. I love it when pet parents share their plans for scattering their pet’s cremated remains. The ideas are always meaningful, and usually the plan is still under consideration. That’s one of the great things about cremation—you can take as long as you like to decide when, where and even how to do the scattering. The Washington State guidelines for scattering pet cremated remains are the same as for human cremated remains. According to [...]

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For Professional Pet Care Providers: What To Say When A Pet Client Dies

While at the Seattle Pet Expo one month ago (June 20, 2015), I came across a booth for a professional pet sitting company in Seattle that was so well put together, and had such great materials, that I just had to stop and compliment the owner. Once he discovered my main occupation (pet after-care), he asked, "What can I say when a pet I've cared for dies? What do I say to the client?" It got me thinking. When a pet dies, there are general guidelines about what all of us should consider saying (and not saying) to a grieving [...]

By |July 21st, 2015|

Fleas! An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Driving down Fairhaven Parkway, it's hard to miss the signs in front of Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital advertising flea prevention. In fact, these not-so-gentle reminders have been there for a while (a few months already?) and with good reason. Recent mild winters have resulted in a major flea problem in our neck-of-the-woods. Why would a pet funeral director be concerned about fleas? First, I'm a pet parent. Second, I care about my clients. Third, I know first hand that there's a local problem, because a number of deceased but still flea-infested pets have come through our doors. Fleas must be taken [...]

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The Day After

A few months ago it was my privilege to provide after-care for an 18-year-old male orange tabby. The tabby's death hit his human mom very hard. The day after her cat's death she couldn't stand to be in the house. Even though her other cats were extra cuddly, the void left by the orange tabby, her "little man," was profound. He had been the vocal one. The boss. A strong and constant presence. I heard a similar story from the mom of a sweet male lab. She too reported that the day after his death was especially painful -- much [...]

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I have an elderly cat named Emma, a tiny DSH tuxedo whose "boxing weight" was 9 lbs, but who today weighs around 5 lbs. Technically she's a family pet, but really...I have no problem claiming her as "mine." She was adopted when I was a singleton, 19 years ago, one month before I met my husband, Bill. She is a bridge between my past life and the present. Emma has always been confident but cool. Steely but sweet. She is the kind of cat who is liked by people who don't usually like cats. She has always been the boss [...]

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Simple Exercise for Emotional Stress Relief

The grief experienced by a human when they lose a pet is just as profound, and just as devastating, as the loss of a human friend or family member. Grief that is triggered by the death of a pet often results in a disruption of normal functioning. A grieving pet parent's brain can be "fried," making them feel confused and vulnerable. It's not uncommon for grieving pet parents to be debilitated for days after the loss of a pet. Often a pet parent will willingly spend thousands of dollars on their pet, but they won't invest in a little time [...]

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Questions To Ask Your Veterinary Service Provider (VSP) About Your Pet’s Cremation

Prior to opening Life Cycle Pet Cremation, I came across a website for an independent service located in the Mid-West that was amazingly forth-right about why they opened their pet cremation business. Right on their home page they posted a no-holds-barred explanation. The experience they describe was similar to the experience my family had when our last pet passed away, and the state of the pet cremation industry they describe was identical to that of Whatcom County at the time. Paraphrasing: "When we left our dog at the veterinary clinic for cremation, we were asked to fill out a form and pick out [...]

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