Curly Hawaiian Koa Pet Urn

Curly Hawaiian Koa Pet Urn


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This stunning urn was made from Hawaiian Curly Koa Wood, collected from tees that were blown over on the slopes of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Koa (Acacia Koa) is a very difficult wood to acquire. It is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and does not grow in large harvest-able groves anywhere in the world. Harvesting of Koa trees is now limited to trees that have been knocked down by natural causes and is subject to governmental regulation.

Expertly crafted by a wood worker in Hawaii, this urn highlights the Koa’s dramatic grain and warm colors. The wood radiates warmth and complexity. It eminates a rare chatoyancy (a cat’s eye quality).

Coated with a precatalyzed semi-gloss lacquer finish.

Cremated remains are inserted via a bottom panel that is secured by four screws.

Appropriate for pets weighing up to 50 lbs.

External Dimensions:  4.75″ wide X 4.25″ deep X 4″ tall

1 in stock

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 x 4.25 x 4 in