Communal Cremations

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Communal cremation is where your pet will be cremated with other pets without any means of separation. After cremation is complete, we have no way of collecting only your pet’s cremated remains, so your pet’s cremated remains cannot be returned to you.

At Radiant Heart After-Care for Pets we take a communal cremation just as seriously as we do a private cremation. We believe that all pets who come into our custody deserve to be honored.

Here’s our process for handling communal cremations:

1) After a communal cremation is complete, the cremated remains (bone fragments) are collected and mixed.

2) A sample of the mixed cremated remains is saved. The date of the cremation is noted on a card kept with the remains.

3) After four or more communal cremations, using our database we print a list of the names of all pets communally cremated on the dates noted on the card. This list and the select cremated remains are taken to a location in Whatcom, Skagit or Island County where they are released into a body of water. The name of each pet is read aloud as the remains are released, and a short song (“Goodbye My Friend”) is sung. The latitude and longitude are recorded. If you are interested in attending the service when a sample of your pet’s cremated remains is released, please contact us.

All other cremated remains are handled by our local waste management service.

Goodbye My Friend

(Music & Lyrics by Bobbie Ruth Langley)

Goodbye my friend
I will miss you
long after today.

Goodbye my friend
I’ll think of you
In so many ways.

You taught me patience
and how to play.
You stayed beside me
through my darkest days.
You never judged me
you just sent love my way,
my friend.

Goodbye my friend
I will miss you…

Goodbye my friend
I will remember you
until my dying day.