Flame Cremation vs. Water Cremation

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(Eco-Friendly Water Cremation Status Update – September 25, 2018: BioResponse Solutions has confirmed that our equipment has been built and is awaiting installation of the electronics.  Delivery is expected the week of October 15, 2018. This means that by the end of October 2018 we will be able to offer our clients eco-friendly water cremation as an after-care option for their beloved pet.)

What is eco-friendly water cremation?  Perhaps the best way to answer this question is by exploring…

What is the difference between flame cremation and water cremation?

The result is the same — both processes reduce a pet’s body to bone. However, the way each process uses natural resources and the resulting by-products are very different.

Flame cremation is fueled by natural gas. The by-product of flame cremation is CO2. Flame cremation of one pet can produce the same amount of CO2 as a 500-mile car ride.

Water cremation, also known as aquamation, uses flowing warm water and alkali (or lye). The by-product of water cremation is an effluviant that is beneficial for the sewer system. In fact, the effluviant is so beneficial that it can be spread directly onto fields as fertilizer.

With either flame or water cremation you receive only your pet’s cremated remains.  Private flame cremation means that your pet is the only pet in the crematorium. With water cremation, your pet is placed in his or her own basket.

Flame cremation is relatively fast. Cremation of a single pet takes between 1 and 4 hours. Radiant Heart guarantees that within 3 business days your pets’ cremated remains will be ready for pick up and same-day service is available.

Water cremation involves a 20-hour cycle plus drying time. Radiant Heart guarantees that within 7 business days your pet’s cremated remains will be ready for pick up. Water cremation may be slower but it is much better for the environment. Environmental bonus: Our water cremation equipment was built in a U.S. factory powered by solar energy!

Whichever process you choose for your pet, Radiant Heart is here to help.

Honor your pet.
Respect the Earth.
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