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A Cremation Practitioner’s View: Why I Prefer Water Cremation / Why You Should Choose Water Cremation for Your Pet

Radiant Heart has offered flame cremation since October 2013 and eco-friendly water cremation (aquamation) since December 2018.  In June 2019 (only the six month of offering aquamation) 70% of our clients chose water cremation for their pet. The other day I quoted this percentage to a new client and they asked, “Why not 100%? Why doesn’t everyone request water cremation?”  It’s a great question, and one I ask myself several times a day, because I believe if all pet parents knew what I know as a pet crematory operator, then they would choose water cremation for their pet. Why do [...]

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Rooted Pet

As we wait for the final permitting of our PET400, so that Radiant Heart may finally begin offering eco-friendly pet water cremation along with traditional flame cremation, it may seem very strange to devote a blog to yet a third option – composting.  However, I’ve been reflecting on the last year of planning, and that year included learning about Rooted Pet. Early in 2018, knowing that at some time in the future we would offer both flame cremation and eco-friendly water cremation, my dear friend Daniel Pry said, “you need to offer composting as well.” Composting of a body is [...]

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Eco-Friendly Water Cremation

See Eco-Friendly Water Cremation Explained for a status update. (In February 2018, a Japanese film crew traveled from Los Angeles to Bellingham to film Radiant Heart’s facility and to interview me about eco-friendly water cremation for pets…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…) On Sunday morning, September 14, 2017, a friend sent me a text with a link to an article in the Seattle Times about a new company called Resting Waters – a pet-only funeral home and on-site provider of pet aquamation. https://www.seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine/a-respectful-eco-friendly-way-to-say-goodbye/ What is aquamation? (I didn’t know either.) It’s a new term. In fact, it’s so [...]

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